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In the year 1872 the famous Design brand Fritz Hansen was born in Denmark. In Copenhagen, Fritz Hansen receives a marketing authorization with which the company could officially start. In the first fifty years from the creation of the manufacturer Fritz Hansen many great jobs are completed.

It is a strong company with a good name in the twentieth century.


Design assignments from Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen had several assignments with which worldwide recognition was achieved. He designed, among other important projects, the interior for important buildings in Copenhagen, such as the Town Hall, the Christiansborg Palace, the University Library and the High Council. Fritz Hansen designed all sorts of furniture, such as chairs, tables, benches and cupboards. The signature of Fritz Hansen was on every piece of furniture.

Fritz Hansen's designs

World-famous designs by multiple designers, Fritz Hansen is known for. We will describe a number of design designs. These famous designs include Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm, Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard.

The Butterfly Chair

The Butterfly Chair, also called "Series 7". One of the most successful design chairs ever with a timeless character and good seating comfort. The Butterfly Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in the year 1953.

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix, a design chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1957. The previous name of this design was "Model 3130". The striking design has made the chair a success, even after fifty years the chair is still popular. With this chair you can choose 2 types of wood, Walnut and Oak. However, the chair can also be covered in various types of upholstery material, fabrics and leathers.


Fritz Hansen PK22PK-22 chair

The PK22, a chair designed by Poul Kjærholm in 1955. An elegant chair with a steel frame. In 1957, at the most important furniture fair in the world, the Triennale Milan, the PK22 chair has the coveted price, the Grand Prix.

PK-8 dining chair

The PK8, a dining chair designed in 1978 by Hanne Kjearholm, the wife of Paul Kjaerholm. Each copy has its own number, which is engraved on the bottom of the chair. In 1978, the design did not go into production immediately, this happened only after the year 2007. Until this time it was a scale model in the Kjærholm's living room.


Fire Ax lounge chair

The Fire Ax, this lounge chair was designed in 1947 by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard. The seat and backrest are made of Teak wood, cast in shape. The armrests are from Beukenhout.

Fritz Hansen Egg ChairThe Egg Chair

The Egg Chair, designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen. The chair has an egg shape and is made of the finest materials of perfect quality. The chair is placed on a sturdy aluminum leg so that the chair is very stable.

Fritz Hansen Swan ChairThe Swan Chair

The Swan Chair, a lounge chair designed by Arne Jacobsen, also in 1958, just like the Egg Chair. The Swan Chair has the option to have it covered in many types of fabric or leather. For extra comfort the seat hangs slightly backwards. The chassis is matt polished aluminum.

Designs from Friz Hansen

Design Fritz Hansen PK22

In the year 1955, Poul Kjærholm designed the PK22 Chair. A low-hanging leather design chair with a steel frame. The steel frame of the PK22 is stainless and the model is .. Read More ›

Design Fritz Hansen Swan Chair

The Swan Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen and taken into production by manufacturer Fritz Hansen. The design chair consists of only curves, no straight lines. The base of .. Read More ›

Design Fritz Hansen Egg Chair

Designer Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg Chair in 1958, this chair is still a very popular design chair. Arne Jacobsen was not only a designer, but also an architect. In .. Read More ›