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Erik Jørgensen, born in the year 1928, died in 1998, was a graduate upholsterer and saddle maker, he started his factory in 1954 in Denmark, called Erik Jørgensen. Erik had a lot of knowledge about the use of materials and he knew what the trends were and soon became a very popular designer.

The various production methods were also no secret for Erik Jørgensen.

Design furniture

Erik Jørgensen contains an amazing collection of Scandinavian design furniture with the specialty of seating furniture. The designer furniture produced by Erik Jørgensen is sold worldwide and is a major well-known producer because of the perfect quality and ingenious designs.

Today the factory Erik Jørgensen is run by Niels and Ole Jørgensen. The vision is still the same, because it achieves the desired effect. Tangible expression, innovation, perfect quality and of course excellent craftsmanship.

Designers Erik Jørgensen

Erik Jørgensen prefers young talent for productions by designers. They can grow for a long time in the profession of designer and are still popular today. Many young designers fell in the prizes as talents of the year. These included Ernst and Jensen, Gamfratesi and Ditte Hammerstrom.

Design chairs Erik Jorgensen

We will describe a number of design chairs produced by manufacturer Erik Jørgensen.

Erik Jorgensen Ox ChairThe Ox Chair

The Ox Chair, designed in 1960. Revived again in 1989 through cooperation of Erik Jørgensen and Hans J. Wegner. Molded polyurethane foam and upholstery can be fabric or leather as desired. There is also a matching footstool to purchase.

Flamingo chair

Flamingo, design chair designed by Foersom Hiort-Lorenzen in 2003. Flamingo called because the chair resembles the shape of this beautiful bird, slender legs as chair leg and an elegant and straight back.

Duplo Sofa chair

In Duplo Sofa, designer chair designed in 2009 by Ernst & Jensen. Available in three different variants, In Duplo (seat large, backrest very low with cushion on the seat and against the backrest), In Duplo High (backrest and seat approximately the same size with cushion against the backrest) and In Duplo extra high (relatively small seat with a high back).

Erik Jorgensen CoronaCorona lounge chair

Corona, designed in 1964 by designer Poul M Volther. Comfortable lounge chair. Upholstery is with leather.

Other big designers

Various other great designers with Erik Jørgensen as producer are:

  • Louise Campbell
  • Anne-Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst
  • Tine Mouritsen and Mia Sinding
  • Niels Gammelgaard
  • David Lewis
  • Jørgen Gammelgaard

Designs from Jorgensen