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Le Corbusier born in 1887 under the name Charles-Edouard Jeanneret at La Chaux-de-Fond in Switzerland is one of the most famous architects in the world. He had various professions, he was, besides the profession of architect, also sculptor, photographer, designer of textiles, painter, graphic artist and author.

Le Corbusier wrote in the magazine Esprit Nouveau. His brand was his name, "Le Corbusier".

Talents from Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier has done a lot in his life. He has participated in more than forty urban projects, he made more than eight thousand drawings, forty sculptures, four hundred paintings and built seventy-five buildings in twelve countries worldwide. As an author he has written more than forty books and also many hundreds of articles.

Architect of homes

More important than his training in engraver and embosser at the Arts and Crafts School he attended in the year 1900 he found the journeys he made. He found this interesting and gave him even more inspiration. Twenty-two years later, in 1922, Le Corbusier started an architectural firm in London, not only this, but also his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. In the years that followed, they focused mainly on designing homes and residential areas.

Furniture design by Le Corbusier

In 1927, Charlotte Perriand also came to see the two and went on with the three of them. From that time on they started to focus more on designing furniture with their architectural firm.


Le Corbusier LC1Le Corbusier LC2LC2LC1, LC2 & LC4 designer chairs

The three designers designed three types of design chairs, one to sleep on (the LC4), one to relax in (the LC2) and chairs that can be used at meetings (the LC1), on which you spend a long time in good posture.

LC4 seat

Le Corbusier LC4

The LC4, or the lounge chair to dream away, was voted the topper of the three designer chairs. In the design of the LC4 Le Corbusier was inspired by the French beds of the Eighteenth Century.

Le Corbusier had a statement about the LC4: "I thought of the cowboy from the Wild West smoking pipe, in the air higher than his head, against the chimney-piece: complete rest." With this he meant the ease of use of the lounge chair. The adjustable lying position for optimal comfort. Le Corbusier called the LC4 a "real machine for rest".


Le Corbusier died in 1965, but his designs and designs still live on.

Le Corbusier LC3LC3 armchair and sofa

The LC3 is, together with the LC2, the most famous relaxation design chair by Le Corbusier. It is a grand version of the LC2, and actually consists of 2 parts, the chromed steel frame and the leather-covered seat and cushions. The LC3 sofa is available as a two-seater or three-seater sofa. In addition, the LC3 series also consists of an LC3 sofa and an LC3 armchair. Both wonderfully spacious and comfortable designer chairs.

Designs from Le Corbusier