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Manufacturer Norell, Arne Norell to be precise, was born in 1917 in the town of Åsele in Sweden and died in 1971. Unfortunately, little is known about his early years as a designer, but Norell was interested in Scandinavian design furniture. Arne Norell started his own workshop in Stockholm in the year 1954.

A few years later, in 1958, Norel moved to the South of Sweden, to Småland. He started his factory there, called Möbel AB Arne Norell.

Designs manufacturer Norell

Arne Norell was mainly inspired by designers from Denmark, such as Kaare Klint (1888 - 1954).

Arne Norell was a frequently heard name in the furniture industry in Europe. And many of his designer furniture gained worldwide fame. Norell was especially successful because of his versatility and special combination of choices when it came to material use. He used unexpected forms and unexpected materials as supporters, all with great results. His design designs were simple but very comfortable.

Arne Norell AriAri Chair

The Ari Chair from 1966 was one of his favorites, a design by himself, Arne Norell. A lounge chair with plenty of Buffalo leather comfort and supported by straps for a cool look. The Ari Chair is available with matching footstool. This chair received a prize in 1973 for "showpiece of the year".

Collection of design chairs

Arne Norell has designed many types of design furniture. After he died in 1971, many of his designs were taken into production by the company Norell Möbel AB, which was created by Arne Norell in 1958. Before that time, Norell produced his own design designs.

Below a selection of collection design chairs designed by Arne Norell are:

  • Mid-Century Inka Lounge Chair, 1950-1959
  • Kontiki Lounge Chair and Ottoman, 1950-1959
  • Ilona Sofa, 1960.
  • Model Ilona Sofa, 1960.
  • Sirocco Rosewood Chair, 1960.
  • Sirocco Rosewood Chairs with table, 1960
  • Sirocco Safari Chairs, set of two, 1960
  • Mid-Century Black Leather Sofa, 1960
  • Easy Chair & Footstool, 1960
  • Merkur Sofa, 1960
  • Safari Lounge Chair, 1960
  • Patchwork Leather Sofa, 1960-1969
  • Sirocco Easy Chairs, set of two, 1960-1969
  • Rosewood & Leather Sofa, 1963
  • Ariet Chair, 1968.
  • Leather Sofa, 1968
  • Kontiki Three Seater Sofa, 1970
  • Vintage Lounge Chairs, set of two, 1970
  • Lounge Chair with Padded Cognac leather cushion
  • Inca Lounge Chair & Ottoman, 1970-1979

Designs from Norell