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Arne Jacobsen, born in 1902, died in Denmark in 1971, was a designer and architect. He grew up in a house with many decorations. His bedroom had colored wallpaper but this painted Arne as a child white. Then his preference started for small art. He did a study of architecture, which he did at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen.

Not much later Arne Jacobsen was appointed professor. After his studies, Arne went to work in 1927 at the architectural firm of Paul Holsoe. However, three years later, Arne Jacobsen set up his own architectural firm. In the meantime he had also become a professor in architecture at the Royal Danish Art Academy.

Inspiration with design

Arne Jacobsen designed water taps, furniture and cutlery. He was a nature lover and therefore also inspired his vision when making the designs. In addition, Arne Jacobsen was inspired by designs by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Gunnar Asplund.

Well-known designs by Arne Jacobsen

The furniture "the ant", but also "the swan", "the egg" and "the butterfly" are examples of designs by Arne Jacobsen. These designs are among the best known of Arne Jacobsen:

  • The Egg chair (the egg)
  • The Butterfly chair (the butterfly)
  • The Ant chair (the ant)
  • The Swan chair (the swan)

Design chair The Egg chair (the egg)

Arne Jacobsen Egg ChairArne Jacobsen Egg Chair "The Egg chair" is a comfortable armchair, which, like The Swan Chair, is specially designed for the Royal Hotel Copenhagen in Denmark. Visitors to the hotel could relax in these chairs. The foot made of a combination of steel and aluminum. The seat and backrest made of high quality synthetic materials and soft foam padding in the seat. We also often have this designer chair in our assortment, so check out our design range if you also want to buy an Egg chair.

Design chair The Butterfly chair (the butterfly)

The Butterfly chair is one of the most counterfeit design chairs. This chair, designed in 1965, is still manufactured by Danish design manufacturer Fritz Hansen. The chair is based on The Ant Chair and furthermore consists of the most important feature: a laminated seat. The cockpit is laminated and constructed from multiple layers of wood, but also has a cotton layer. This designer chair is stackable in different versions, from a bar stool to a highchair.

Design chair The Ant chair (the ant)

The Ant chair will first be explained in more detail, this is a chair with very thin legs, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1951, popular because this chair could be stacked on other "The Ant" chairs. At first this chair had plastic legs, but because this turned out to be unsuccessful, it switched to metal legs. The seat and backrest consisted of 1 piece of curved plywood.

Design chair The Swan chair (the swan)

Arne Jacobsen Swan ChairArne Jacobsen Swan ChairThe Swan chair, designed in 1958 consists of only curved lines and is very elegant. This design chair is, just like The Egg Chair, specially designed for the Royal Hotel Copenhagen in Denmark. This lounge chair is available in upholstery of canvas or leather with an aluminum base and brushed metal. Of this designer chair we often sell copies, view our current range for this.

Internationally known designs

The designs of Arne Jacobsen are still used every day. Because Arne Jakobsen was known internationally as a Danish architect, this has contributed to Denmark's good name in terms of interior design. In terms of buildings, the most famous designs by Arne Jacobsen are the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen and St. Catherine's College in Oxford.

Designs from Arne Jacobsen

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