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Charles Ormond Eames, born in 1907, founded an architectural firm in 1930 together with Charles Gray. Five years later he started a second architectural firm together with Robert T. Walsh. Charles studied at Washington University and met his first wife, Catherine Woermann.

In 1929 he married each other. In 1930 they had a daughter Lucia Jenkins together. Charles Eames joined his first wife Catherine and daughter Michigan in 1938. Charles had received a scholarship to study architecture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He started the study and became a teacher and head of the industrial design department at the Cranbrook Academy. After completing two years of the study Charles left the university. It is claimed by various sources that he would have been dismissed, but this is not confirmed. The University Cranbrook Academy of Art gives the reason that his designs were "too modern" and that this did not fit within the study.

Eames as a well-known designer

In 1941 Charles Eames divorced Catharine and married Ray-Bernice Alexandra Kaiser. From that time until 1943, Charles and his wife Ray Eames began designing stretchers and leg splints from formed plywood. In 1946, their works from formed multiplex were exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Herman Miller, Inc. went to work on the production of their designs.

Design designs Eames

Eames has designed various designer chairs. We will name a number.

Eames Lounge Chair OttomanEames Lounge Chair

First of all the Eames Lounge Chair, designed in 1956, also known as the Eames Lounge 670. It is a modern armchair, it has an aluminum frame and the seat is curved plywood. The seat is made of leather and the cushions have a filling of foam rubber. The Eames Lounge Chair has a matching footstool. The materials combination of aluminum, plywood and leather has made the chair the most important furniture design of the twentieth century.

Eames Aluminium Group EA 108The Aluminum Chair

The Aluminum Chair, designed in 1958, is a true showpiece of the twentieth century. Charles and Ray Eames had designed this chair for the home of an art collector in Columbus, this is in the USA. The seat of the Aluminum Chair is elastic and is therefore very comfortable because it ensures that the chair is molded to the body.

The Lobby Chair

Eames Lobby Chair EA105

In 1960, Charles and Ray designed the Lobby Chair. This chair is similar to the Lounge Chair and is at least as comfortable. Three cushions are connected to each other by means of metal side pieces. Officially, the Lobby Chair was designed for the lobby of the New York Time Life Building.

The Lobby Chair was designed in three versions. A swivel version, the ES 104. A conference chair, the ES 108. And finally a wide low chair, the ES 105, which was used for, among other things, in waiting areas. Various variants of the Lobby Chair and the seating comfort of all successive seats was perfect.

More designs from Eames

Eames has designed many more designer chairs. Below are a number of designer chairs.

The Eames Chairs

Now we will appoint the Eames Chairs. These can not be ignored from modern interiors until today. They are available in the models below. All were designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

All chairs of the Eames Chairs collection have a seat made of Polypropylene plastic and are very comfortable.

The Eames DAR chair

DAR stands for Dining Arm Chair Rod. The seat rests on a metal frame and has armrests.

The Eames DSW chair

DSW stands for Dining height Side chair Wood. The seat rests on four legs of beech wood and has no armrests

The Eames DSR chair

DSR stands for Dining height Side chair Rod. The seat rests on a metal frame and has no armrests.

The Eames RAR chair

RAR stands for Rocking chair Rod. A wonderful rocking chair made of beech wood and metal. Very suitable for the baby room, but also perfect for the living room.

Eames House

In 1949 Charles and his wife Ray built their own home in a few days, entirely by hand using prefabricated steel parts. This was called Eames House. The house was located in a beautiful spot, namely on a high mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Eames House remains a milestone of modern architecture to this day.

Awards as a designer

Charles Ormond Eames and Ray Eames Kaiser won several awards in their careers because of their great design talent. In 1964, for example, they received an honorary doctorate from the Pratt Institute in New York. In 1977 the AIA Twenty-five Year Award. In 1979 the Royal Gold Medal and in 1985 the IDSA prize, this is a prize for "The most influential designer of the 20th century".


Designs from Eames

Designer Eames

Charles Ormond Eames, born in 1907, founded an architectural firm in 1930 together with Charles Gray. Five years later he started a second architectural firm together with Robert T. Walsh. .. Read More ›