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In the year 1908 the company of Carl Hansen & Son was founded. Carl Hansen & Son is one of Denmark's oldest manufacturers of furniture, has 165 employees and is a producer of design furniture made from types of wood from Denmark that are sold worldwide.

It is the largest producer of Hans Jørgen Wegner, this is a well-known designer from Denmark.


Designs with Danish wood

The manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son produced design cabinets from Danish designers made from wood from Denmark. A large part of the design furniture of the Danish company Carl Hansen & Son consisted of designs by architects. This design furniture was manufactured between 1930 and 1960.

Designs from manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son


Carl Hansen & Son Wishbone

The Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Chair, a chair designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949. The Wishbone Chair, also called Y-Chair, because of the shape of the backrest, is a light weight chair and despite the armrests it remains a subtle-looking design chair. The good cooperation between manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son and designer Hans J. Wegner ensured that several designs by Hans J. Wegner were put into production by this manufacturer. Among other things, the "Classic Chairs".

The Classic Chair

The Classic Chair, teak designer chairs with leather upholstery and signature by Hans J. Wegner. Carl Hansen & Son also worked with other designers such as Mogens Koch, Ole Wanscher and Kaare Klint. We will describe one design chair for each designer.

Folding Chair

Mogens Koch came in 1932 with the Folding Chair, a foldable chair with plenty of seating comfort. The Folding Chair is available with fabrics, but also in leather upholstery.

Colonial Chair

Ole Wanscher designed the Colonial Chair in 1949. A designer chair with elegant armrests. The seat is made of hand woven reed. The upholstery is available in fabric and leather.

Safari Chair

Kaare klint is the designer of the Safari Chair. This was the first do-it-yourself chair that you could put together without the use of any tools. A matching Safari stool is available at the chair. The Safari Chair is available in fabric or leather in terms of upholstery.

Walk Carl Hansen & Son factory

Things went so well that manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son opened a new branch of the factory in the year 2003, due to the increasing demand for design chairs, this was in Denmark. The new factory is equipped with the latest techniques.


Designs from Carl Hansen & Son